Monday, July 27, 2009

"The Gathering" ~ Miami 2009

"The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) holds an annual conference to bring together an international community of glass bead artists and enthusiasts. The conference, called The Gathering, is an occasion to become involved in the glass world and make important contacts."

Enthusiast's ~ who are they kidding, they are rocking down in Miami and without me!

ISGB Gathering Video 2009

The ISGB is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the art of making hand-crafted glass beads.
To learn more click ~ ISGB

Next year 2010 - Rochester, NY

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


"People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all.
People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts.
Feelings are disturbing.
People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous.
How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel?
Pain is meant to wake us up.
People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong.
Pain is something to carry, like a radio.
You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it.
That's what matters.
Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you."

Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain."
Jim Morrison
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