Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beading Journal Project 2013

Bead Journal Project 2013

This project is the brain child of Robin Atkins and is all about creating a journal with beads!

Documenting your emotions and/or experiences on fabric not paper and with beads! I will be able to use any medium any technique, but it has to include some beading.  (I have no problem with that!)
I am also free to structure the bead journal pages to my liking, as long as all 12 of the pages are the same size. (I don't think I'll have a problem with that!)

The project is in it's 6th year and I am happy to have been excepted to join in.
To find out more about this project please feel free to visit the blog Bead Journal Project 2013

"To Learn, To Teach, To Share!" 
peace, vonna

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kalmbach's Bead Soup Party

In honor of Lori Anderson's new book Bead Soup, Kalmbach decided to have a party of their own. This is sort of similar to the theme behind Lori's book (bead exchanges), but a little different. I was paired with South Pass Beads in Southern Illinois.  Designers signed up hoping to get a chance to win prizes and were paired with bead stores from around the country and asked to create a necklace. No one knew what they were going to receive until it arrived on their doorstep. I received the mix above, and believe it or not all photographs pictured here were taken on my front doorstep! If you would like to purchase the mix I received, just hop on over to LouAnn's shop on Etsy!

Instead of going all out on this design, I stepped back and took a look at the components that I received, what I already had in my stash and what I had picked up at the Naperville Bead Show this past September from Bella Venetian Beads.

I kept these designs fairly simple. I drew color inspiration from the dragonfly focal Lou Ann sent along with the mix.

I pulled color from the painted dots and brought it into the adult necklace using the red to create the pop with the dyed red turquoise stones.  I remembered purchasing years ago a sterling silver dragonfly clasp.  It was the AhHa moment that brought both together..
"A Mother & Child Necklace Set"

If you can see in the picture I also used a few faceted gemmie beads from mom’s necklace and incorporated them into the child’s necklace.. What child doesn’t want to feel special with a few gemmies! Seriously it won’t cost you too much to give up a few gemmies,  after all they are only beads!

To Learn to Teach to Share!!
peace, vonna

Friday, July 27, 2012

Soup's On! -- Come and get it!

I must admit this Bead Soup was a tad overwhelming for me, I hadn't a clue where to go with what I had received.. Don't get me wrong here but Jayne my partner sent me a fabulous mix! I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around design this time!

So I decided to just dump everything on my table.. mix it all together as see where the elements would take me! Still nothing!

I looked up... and there it was the copper coil, and a jar of mixed up copper parts I had been playing with and had put off to the side! Cutting a random length of copper wire, wrapping it free form around my wrist to form the base, then manipulating the sari silk into place.. I started my journey.

This is the first piece I completed...

I was so excited with how this came out I proceeded to make another! I used up the rest of the sari silk that Jayne sent and using the chess piece as the focal!

Creating the necklace took a little longer.
I had to walk away from it several times before I came with this!

The lovely floral focal along with the handmade bone and copper clasp Jayne created herself brings a dynamic pop of color effect to this necklace. The disk beads are from Africa, the large ovals are Chinese and I have no clue if they are right side up or upside down!

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a fabulous day!

My partner Jayne... to see what she created with the soup I sent her ------->

To visit all the participants for the July 28th reveal click here!

If your just strolling on through check out this awesome all in one link Tanya has created for all the soupers!

peace, vonna

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soup, Salad and Dessert!

I received my soup from Jayne Capps today and am very excited to get to work mixing these courses together! --Thank you Jayne!!!!!

The clasp is made up of wood and copper and the pendant focal is leather!
The beads are a wonderful mix of organic colors.

This salad could possibly wind up swimming in the soup! The richer colors match the underlying colors of the soup mix above!

I do believe I have a chess piece pendant in this dessert! 
Along with a set lampwork beads created by Juls Beads!

I'll see, maybe I'll create a few things or one dynamic piece! I have a few weeks, our reveal date is July 28th. Hope to see you then!peace, vonna

Friday, March 2, 2012

5th Bead Soup Just Vonna Take 2

Hello and Welcome party hoppers!
I thought I would call this necklace "My String Theory" I got out the string and strang the beads, or is it strung the beads? Oh, never mind, on with the show.

Yes, the inspiration for this necklace came from the bead soup I received from Stephanie, but the technique used to create this piece was inspired by the book Beaded Treasures by Robin Atkins.

Believe it or not creating this necklace was a challenge for me! It has been a long time since I have put together a design so thought out! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this process.

The natural earth tone colors of the elements used are blended with a pop of crème from seed beads and charms I took from a vintage charm bracelet.

Here's a little fun story for you. I actually emailed Robin Atkins when I started this piece to inquire about the "hemp" used as the stringing material.  Robin was so generous to answer my questions as well as give me a few clues so I would figure it out myself and learn.

How am I going to attach this clasp!

"Your necklace looks great!!! I like the colors and the balance it has without being perfectly symmetrical. I'm sure you'll work out the attachment of the clasp. From the picture it seems you already have a solution. My honest opinion is: Bravo!" -robin atkins
It took me a week to finish off this necklace because I thought to hard!  Who would of thunk! - or is it think or thank! -- haha!

I have donated the necklace to be auctioned off on March 10th to benefit for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a 501(c) 3 national organization founded in 1992 by CEO/President, Kathleen A. Casey a High School friend of mine lost her son Barrett “Bear” Krupa, to pediatric cancer in 1993. I donated this will out of love! "The Bear Hugs Program, here in Chicago, offers patients comfort & courage through everyday acts of caring because we understand that the little things mean a lot." You can find them on FaceBook or visit their Website for more information.

So the second piece pictured I used the resin horn beads Stephanie sent to me as the two side focal beads. The front focal is a free formed honest to goodness traditional Raku Fired Ceramic piece I had made a year ago.  Conditioned Deer Hide, a vintage cuff blank, freshwater pearls, seed beads, fiber and more seed beads! I still have to bead on the finishing touches, but for the most part this is as done as it's going to get for now.

I also made a series of bracelets with the left over soup that I will have listed in my Etsy Shop soon!

Venetian Glass Beads

Thank you for stopping by & have fun party hopping. 
I know I will...

Oh, just in case you didn't know

 you are here # 99. Vonna Maslanka
My blog partner Stephanie LaRosa hop on over to see what she has cooked up with her soup if you haven't already!

Your Hostess for this partay! Lori Anderson
Here is the link to all the participants.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What am I going to do with my Bead Soup?

I received my soup mix from Stephanie LaRosa, a wonderful mix of organic colors, colors I love to work with! Stephanie's designs have been published in many magazines like Stringing, Bead Trends, BeadStyle, Creative Jewelry, Beadwork and Jewelry Affaire; her blog "Confessions of a Bead Hoarder" what a clever clever clever name!

The two round beads in the center of the picture with the flowers were created by Beadymonkey on Etsy they are made from horn, then decorated in paper and coated in resin! Pretty cool huh!

The Ceramic pendant that you see peaking from the left side was created by Starry Road Studio on Etsy.
You have to admit it ..... aren't we all bead hoarders of some sort?

I am so glad she likes to hoard beads!

Well, I guess you're all going to have to wait to see what I come up with.. heck ... I can't wait to see what I come up with!

Have a great rest of your day!
peace, vonna
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