Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kalmbach's Bead Soup Party

In honor of Lori Anderson's new book Bead Soup, Kalmbach decided to have a party of their own. This is sort of similar to the theme behind Lori's book (bead exchanges), but a little different. I was paired with South Pass Beads in Southern Illinois.  Designers signed up hoping to get a chance to win prizes and were paired with bead stores from around the country and asked to create a necklace. No one knew what they were going to receive until it arrived on their doorstep. I received the mix above, and believe it or not all photographs pictured here were taken on my front doorstep! If you would like to purchase the mix I received, just hop on over to LouAnn's shop on Etsy!

Instead of going all out on this design, I stepped back and took a look at the components that I received, what I already had in my stash and what I had picked up at the Naperville Bead Show this past September from Bella Venetian Beads.

I kept these designs fairly simple. I drew color inspiration from the dragonfly focal Lou Ann sent along with the mix.

I pulled color from the painted dots and brought it into the adult necklace using the red to create the pop with the dyed red turquoise stones.  I remembered purchasing years ago a sterling silver dragonfly clasp.  It was the AhHa moment that brought both together..
"A Mother & Child Necklace Set"

If you can see in the picture I also used a few faceted gemmie beads from mom’s necklace and incorporated them into the child’s necklace.. What child doesn’t want to feel special with a few gemmies! Seriously it won’t cost you too much to give up a few gemmies,  after all they are only beads!

To Learn to Teach to Share!!
peace, vonna
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