Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back in the Game ~ Just 4 Fun ~

I think it was the Chocolate dipped Strawberry I ate or maybe it was the cards!

The confirmation of my fantasy just may come true ~

The day has come when confidence is no longer a fear, where individuality is no longer questioned ~

Gas in my car not an issue ~
My fancy suitcase has arrived ~
The plane ticket is ready whenever I need it ~
That far away place where peace & tranquility lay in wait ~

Sounds of the ocean ~ Sounds of the forest ~ Sounds of the city ~

The sound of the family when reality sets it ~

Where in the world did Mom go ~

Little did they know I have my bags packed, my pocketbook is full, blank journals in check, the pencils are sharpened.

Finding peace, listening to my quiet mind, in a land of the unknown to write the book that will change my world as I know it ~

Just 4 Fun ~ Maybe ~ Maybe not ~
Soon I will be off to write that book,
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