Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup 8 Reveal!

hello there thanks for stopping by!

wander and song bird
Ceramic Bird created by me, and Wander Polymer Clay link Tania made!
This is a necklace that is pretty darn cool but sadly I couldn't get a decent picture of it!

Lori paired me up this time around with Tania Spivey of Moobie Grace Designs. Our design styles are quite similar, she has a inspiring personality, she's fun to tease and it's been such a pleasure getting to know her these past few weeks. I have made another new cool and very talented friend thanks to this blog hop! Thank you Lori!

What a fabulous mixture of soup ingredients Tania sent me, some I had never used before! I had to just dig right in!! She sent so many focal components and so many clasps I was totally confused (but Tania soooo gets me!) so I just tried to use them all! I did end up with quite a few pieces created from the leftovers and some that I still haven't used yet! I will post pictures of those soon! Tania thank you so much for being a very giving and gracious partner for this blog party!

I have had this idea for a necklace for a very long time and never had the motivation to create it, so the first thing I had to do was order more of these yummy orange recycled glass beads and finally create it! The "believe" charm is from my special stash just waiting to shine!

I created this bracelet using the Tania made bird clasp with a little of this and a little of that from each bag in the package she sent me! O and the charms you see...that poly clay feather charm front and center, the hidden key charm and that bright shiny copper dangle were of course Tania made!

The focal is a ceramic heart I created, and I sent a similar one to Tania to use in her soup. The colorful Tania made barrel logs are polymer clay beads, the copper link Tania made as well, a Tania made link that I used as part of the clasp. The focal heart that I created,  I've only made three of them and doubtful I'll make more just like this one.  You see every since my son passed away a "heart" has had new meaning to me.. it comes and goes... it's's has a huge hole, it's always something.. but this heart is a happy heart.. a heart blooming out of a spring flower bringing some sort of peace to my soul knowing that oh, just knowing!!! :)

I have added wood beads in two sizes and shapes, the brass leaf clasp, and a Vintaj finding that surrounds the Tania made "seek" poly clay bead.. the carnelian donut focal has a Vintaj finding too and that dangle from the donut an old vintage earring! This one sold like 4 times already but I couldn't give it up! ugh... I mean really what was I 'seeking'??

Now this bracelet! Well... AWESOME SAUCE!!! Don't you think???
The etched bar focal is what else Tania made! :)
The fab starfish ceramic charm was created by Nan Emmet.. (she's good.. really really good!)
I just had to take a ton of pictures from different angles!!

I almost forgot to mention the clasp (again Tania made) ... it matches my new glasses!! :)

These last two are born from leftover beads, trying new techniques and just playing around! The necklace is full of the triangle wood beads, some kyanite, bone, moonstone, faceted shell pearls and bling tied with waxed linen.

I wanted to create something special using the Tania made feather charm. I went to the art shop and created the ceramic lily so that all the components I used could dangle freely.

I encourage you all everyday to push yourself just a little, create something new... always believe in yourself.. You can do it! -- Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your stay.. and if you have already visited my partner Tania to see her incredible work and what she made...  Follow this link to the participant list!  Enjoy your hopping!!

 "To Learn, To Teach, To Share!" peace, vonna
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