Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tag Your It a Game?

I am tired - it's raining and they want to play ~ ugg

Tagging is a blogger's game. You tag someone by leaving a comment on their blog and letting them know that they have been tagged. When you have been tagged you post several random, weird, or whatever facts about yourself. Then go tag seven other blogs. Post the URLs of the blogs you tagged. That's it!
~ I can't find the dodge ball though!

Mary Beth started it!

7 Interesting Facts about me ~

1. I am addicted to lampwork glass beads.
2. I like to play with lampwork glass beads.
3. I like to make glass lampwork glass beads.
4. I don't like to clean those lampwork glass beads I make. (I have to though )
5. I have a lot of lampwork glass bead maker & jewelry artist friends.
6. I need coffee ever morning - Starbucks ( I should have it injected )
7. I get cranky if I don't get sleep.
8. I like chocolate too, and if you believe all of the above you may just be well,
I won't say it - LOL

Mary Beth
The Birds and the Bee's
Studio Marcy
Lori Greenberg

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Vonna, nice to meet you and your beautiful beads - oh how I miss working glass!
    Thanks for the tag - I will get onto it as soon as I can,


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