Friday, November 28, 2008

The Year is Here ~

Listen to Me ~

I sit back in amazement these days how fast this year has gone by ~

~ Only mother's who have lost a child carried in their womb will understand my feelings, feelings of pain, the waiting for him to walk through that door or call me to check in, he is not coming home. He was too young, the world lost a great boy who would of become a great man.

~ We are not taught to grieve, we must learn how, we all grieve with different intensity within different situations.

~For those who were not around last year, you may not be able to understand the bond between those who did; that experience of shock that day. The so called knee jerk reaction to gather together as a community to support one of their own was amazing.

~As Jonathan has left me to finish his journey here on earth, many of you know this has now become my mission to educate & spread the word so that if just one life is saved, these boys deaths shall not be in vain!

~I find it only fitting and respectful to celebrate lives lost, tragedy's suffered, sickness & health; and to be thankful we are here to support each other as one community of like in kind.

~I shall be lighting a candle in honor of my son as well as the other 5 Alumni from Stevenson High School, to honor & celebrate these lives lost so unnecessarily to dirty drugs.

Buffalo Grove Skate Park
Busch Grove Community Park
1000 N. Buffalo Grove Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

7:30 pm Saturday November 29, 2008 - We will be congregating along the sidewalk ONLY ~ the park will be closed. Carpooling is highly recommended due to lack of No Parking.

Bring a candle with you!


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