Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ware do I buy my beads and things.

BeadwareIL on Etsy and on Ebay - or I just drive to her house! Like I went to today and yesterday! I had a blast, as it is always fun to fondle beads!

Olivine Cathedral

IDK it has been one of those weeks, you know (well maybe you don't ) when you get so many ideas in your head and you just want to create but can't afford to! Well, being at my friends store with all that inspiration surrounding me, those beads she has from all around the world, the CRYSTALIZED™ Swarovski Elements OH YUMMY, the Bali, the Czech glass, the vintage lucite and she has so so much more! It would of broke my bank, so with all of that I could or couldn't buy these past two days, I went home to shop in my own store in the basement!

Sometimes you can just turn an old style around and give it some fresh new life.

PS:! If you get the chance check out my friends shop on Etsy and or Ebay, she has quality goods and fabulous customer service - She also needs like maybe 3 more customers or whoever and that could be you to sign up for her newsletter on Ebay. She would crack 1000 then! (you have to sign in go to her store scroll down to the bottom left side and you will see her sign up form) -- thanks in advance.

Now go have yourself a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

peace, vonna

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