What to do when you have Creativity Block!

Jewelry designers as well as bead-makers and crafters I have come to know talk of having a creative block this time of year. They grumble of having no inspiration nor motivation. Everyone has their own reasons why and I get it.  The Fall and Spring seasons can be overwhelming, the pressure to make sales, the pressure to post on all platforms of social media will make your head spin. You're in running mode as if the world was flat and as you keep running to the end just before you get to the end, the breaks give hold and you are at a dead stop! You're done with the season and now what?  This isn't creative block at least for me it isn't. The rush is over, the collection is complete and has run the course. Frankly I'm just tired so... I take a step back and breathe and am grateful for the support of my craft from he public, my customers and friends have given me that season. I step into my family more start to purge and organize the supplies that have made an entire m

"and just like that"

Sometimes it take days, "and just like that this happens" Such a joy when you have a vision.... it Works!  "To Learn, To Teach, To Share!" peace, vonna

Blu Mudd Design Challenge #5

Blu Mudd Design Challenge #5 Leaves and Acorns, these wonderful ceramic components were created by Moriah Betterly . 30 designers entered this challenge incorporating the same ceramic leaf focal, acorn clasp and three beads.  Facebook "To Learn, To Teach, To Share!" peace, vonna

Bead Soup 8 Reveal!

hello there thanks for stopping by! Ceramic Bird created by me, and Wander Polymer Clay link Tania made ! This is a necklace that is pretty darn cool but sadly I couldn't get a decent picture of it! Lori paired me up this time around with Tania Spivey of Moobie Grace Designs. Our design styles are quite similar, she has a inspiring personality, she's fun to tease and it's been such a pleasure getting to know her these past few weeks. I have made another new cool and very talented friend thanks to this blog hop! Thank you Lori! What a fabulous mixture of soup ingredients Tania sent me, some I had never used before! I had to just dig right in!! She sent so many focal components and so many clasps I was totally confused (but Tania soooo gets me!) so I just tried to use them all! I did end up with quite a few pieces created from the leftovers and some that I still haven't used yet! I will post pictures of those soon! Tania thank you so much for being a v

Soup's On! -- Come and get it!

I must admit this Bead Soup was a tad overwhelming for me, I hadn't a clue where to go with what I had received.. Don't get me wrong here but Jayne my partner sent me a fabulous mix! I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around design this time! So I decided to just dump everything on my table.. mix it all together as see where the elements would take me! Still nothing! I looked up... and there it was the copper coil, and a jar of mixed up copper parts I had been playing with and had put off to the side! Cutting a random length of copper wire, wrapping it free form around my wrist to form the base, then manipulating the sari silk into place.. I started my journey. This is the first piece I completed... I was so excited with how this came out I proceeded to make another! I used up the rest of the sari silk that Jayne sent and using the chess piece as the focal! Creating the necklace took a little longer. I had to walk away from it several times before I

5th Bead Soup Just Vonna Take 2

Hello and Welcome party hoppers! I thought I would call this necklace "My String Theory" I got out the string and strang the beads, or is it strung the beads? Oh, never mind, on with the show. Yes, the inspiration for this necklace came from the bead soup I received from Stephanie, but the technique used to create this piece was inspired by the book Beaded Treasures by Robin Atkins.   Believe it or not creating this necklace was a challenge for me! It has been a long time since I have put together a design so thought out! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this process. The natural earth tone colors of the elements used are blended with a pop of crème from seed beads and charms I took from a vintage charm bracelet. Here's a little fun story for you. I actually emailed Robin Atkins when I started this piece to inquire about the "hemp" used as the stringing material.  Robin was so generous to answer my questions as well as give me a few clues so I

Vintage Beads from Europe.

Have you ever waited for something special to come in the mail and then go out of town only to find out that the day you leave the mailman finally delivers that special package you have been waiting for? Much to my surprise when I came home this mix was awaiting me.  After opening the package I thought -      OH NO! Another Bead SOUP! I haven't finished my blog hopping yet! A color wheel of beads, what to do??? Oh, that wonderful imagination of mine, I tell ya. TREASURE BRACELET!   Yup, that's what I am going to do.   What a great project for those cold nights in front of the TV.   Below is the link to the bracelet created out of these beads 10 years after I received them! Well, it goes to show you... no bead will ever be forgotten! :) Tip: You see those three purple beads??? When picking out the string for the treasure bracelet I always go with the least predominant color in the bead mix. I just don't always follow the